Top 5 Smart Consulting Sourcing Podcast Episodes of the Year (So Far)

Top 5 SCS Podcast Episodes

As the sun shines bright and the summer break unfolds, many of us are relishing the opportunity to unwind and take life at a leisurely pace.

At Consulting Quest, though we understand the allure of vacation mode, we couldn’t help but think about our cherished readers.

We recognize that even during this idyllic season, our dedication to delivering valuable insights remains unwavering.

With this spirit in mind, we are delighted to present a special treat to our community: a compilation of this year’s best podcast episodes (so far) from your favorite Smart Consulting Sourcing Podcast.

Whether you find yourself lounging on sandy beaches or enjoying the comfort of your backyard, our hand-picked selection of top podcast episodes promises to keep the content flowing and your intellectual curiosity engaged.

So, grab your favorite chilled beverage, kick back, and immerse yourself in the best SCS podcast episodes of the year so far. Happy reading!

Top 5 SCS Podcast Episodes of the Year (So Far)

#1. Consulting Rankings and How to Use them as Consulting Buyers?

When people consider purchasing consultancy services, they typically narrow down their options based on factors like reputation, brand recognition, methodologies, and more. As expected, the renowned MBB firms often occupy the top spots on their list of preferences.

However, it’s important to note that the ability to address your specific needs extends beyond just the top-tier consulting companies. In certain cases, a local consulting firm with extensive knowledge of the local culture and economy may actually be a better choice for you.

In this episode of the Smart Consulting Sourcing podcast, Helene highlights the significance of looking beyond rankings to find the right consultancy that caters to your requirements, rather than solely focusing on the best-known ones.

To watch or listen to the full podcast episode on our YouTube channel, click the tile below.

#2. What Do Consultants Actually Do to Create Value for Your Organization?

Consultants offer a plethora of benefits to your organization, ranging from streamlining operations for enhanced efficiency to assisting in adapting your business to ongoing changes. Their value is multifaceted and can significantly impact your company’s success.

However, to fully leverage the advantages of consulting support, it is crucial not to solely rely on rankings and client feedback when selecting a consultant. Instead, the qualification process should be customized to align with your company’s unique needs and methodologies.

In this episode of the Smart Consulting Sourcing podcast, Helene was joined by two esteemed guests – Eli Peleg and George Hemingway. Eli, a senior partner at Programa, and George, the managing partner at Stratalis Consulting, shared their insights on the role of consultants and their approach to working with clients and procurement.

Click the tile below to watch or listen to this enlightening and engaging conversation on our YouTube channel.

#3. Digitalization of Procurement: What About Consulting?

In the realm of consulting, digitalization has made significant strides. However, procurement still remains a labor-intensive task, burdened with extensive data and paperwork. But the good news is that digitalization can alleviate the hassles of traditional procurement processes.

In the present day, a multitude of tools and technologies are available to streamline procurement and enhance its efficiency. These include Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) systems, Negotiation & Decision platforms, Contract Management software, Procure-to-Pay solutions, Financial Performance tools, procurement analytics, and more. Undoubtedly, there has never been a more opportune moment to embark on the digitalization journey for procurement.

If you’re interested in delving deeper into the subject of digitalizing procurement, join Helene in this episode of the Smart Consulting Sourcing podcast. Expand your knowledge and gain valuable insights into this transformative process.

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#4. 6 Levers to Optimize the ROI of Your Consulting Spend: An Overview

Companies often overlook the importance of optimizing their consulting spend, which can ultimately result in significant costs. Despite some companies making attempts to manage their consulting expenditures systematically, their efforts may fail without a proper plan and strategy in place.

So, where do companies typically make mistakes? How can they effectively leverage the seven levers to optimize their consulting spend? And most importantly, where and how should they begin?

The 6-lever series, presented by Consulting Quest, offers the opportunity to find answers to all these questions. By delving into this series, you can gain a better understanding of the consulting category and make informed decisions to maximize the value of your spending in this area.

This is just the first episode of many. Watch or listen to this full episode and then hop onto Consulting Quest and have a listen to episode 110 onwards (up to episode 123).

#5. Why and When Do Executives Need Consulting Services?

In this captivating episode, your beloved host, Helene, delves into the question of when to leverage consulting services from the perspective of various end users: strategy leaders, operations leaders, and marketing leaders. Additionally, she sheds light on what procurement professionals should be aware of regarding consulting services and how they can fulfill business needs effectively.

Keep in mind that consulting services should never be treated as mere commodities. When investing in consulting, seek tangible impact in return. The key for leaders is to prioritize the successful implementation of consulting projects to achieve optimal results.

To watch or listen to the full podcast episode on our YouTube channel, click the tile below.

Wrapping Up

And that’s a wrap from us! We hope you enjoyed all of these enthralling SCS podcast episodes. We’ll soon be back with more amazing content for you. In the meanwhile, enjoy your summer break and we’ll see you all soon. Cheers!

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