Empowering Voices: Celebrating Alpha Women in Procurement

Celebrating Alpha Women in Procurement


As we virtually debated which past content to share with our audience for a mid-year recap, there was no doubt in our minds – the women in procurement podcast series stole the spotlight! (Psst, we’re bursting with pride over this one!)

The women leaders we featured in this series are true trailblazers in their field. Beyond being thought leaders, they are reshaping the landscape for women, making sure there’s room for new voices at the table and pioneering exciting developments in their companies.

So, a big shout-out to all the Alpha Females who graced our podcast, fearlessly challenging the status quo in procurement! We’re thrilled to take you on a journey down memory lane, revisiting the hall of fame once more.

Curious to know more? Dive into the short article below and join us in celebrating these incredible women in procurement! It’s a showstopper you won’t want to miss!

#1. Episode with Susan Spence


Women in procurement - Susan Spence

Susan Spence shines as a leader in promoting gender equality and women’s rights in male-dominated fields. In an interview with CQ, she shared valuable insights on establishing empowering networks that prevent the marginalization of women. With her proven tactics and extensive experience, Susan is a true trailblazer, inspiring greater success for women in their careers.

Watch her episode here:

#2. Episode with Vera Rozanova

Women in Procurement - Vera Rozanova

Vera Rozanova is an inspiring advocate for women in procurement. In an interview with us, she highlighted women’s communication skills and emotional intelligence as vital assets. It’s uplifting to witness Vera, a successful leader, using her platform to empower women’s careers.

Watch her episode here:

#3. Episode with Donna Donato

Women in Procurement - Donna Donato

Donna Donato, a notable figure in procurement, boasts 25+ years of industry expertise. She’s a catalyst for peer collaboration and networking, emerging as a respected leader promoting best practices. In our interview with us, Donna highlighted key themes: leadership, women’s impact in procurement, and the potency of collaboration for success.

Watch her episode here:

#4. Episode with Helene Laffitte

Women in Procurement - Helene Laffitte

In a captivating episode of our women’s day podcast series, Helene Laffitte takes center stage as both host and storyteller. Leveraging her rich background as a CEO and sourcing specialist, Helene delves into the realm of women thriving in male-dominated domains.

Helene’s profound expertise, fervor, and professional journey showcased in the episode serve as a motivational force, urging all to conquer challenges and realize their aspirations.

Watch her episode here:

#5. Episode with Alejandra Garcia

Women in Procurement - Alejandra Garcia

For aspiring corporate climbers, it’s more than just business transactions at your workplace. You’re your own entity, deserving of negotiation. Alejandra Garcia, a remarkable procurement expert, shares vital insights in an interview with us. She emphasizes women, advising them to embrace conflict management, adeptly handle office dynamics, and confidently engage in negotiations.

Watch her episode here:

#6. Episode with Carmella Long

Women in Procurement - Carmella Long

Carmella Long, a seasoned procurement pro, took us on an exciting journey through her decades in the field. With over 30 years’ experience, she tackled tough sectors like oil, gas, petrochemicals, and the environment. Facing challenges big and small, she devised innovative solutions.

Watch her episode here:

Wrapping Up – Women in Procurement Episodes

It has been a tremendous privilege to once again present the remarkable narratives of these dynamic and motivating alpha women in procurement. We hope that you have thoroughly enjoyed each episode of our women in procurement podcast and found inspiration in their journeys.

And as the summer break continues, we extend our warm wishes for a joyful and rejuvenating time ahead. We will be back soon with more top-notch content for you. Until next time, its bye for now. Cheers!

CQ Content Team

The content team of #ConsultingQuest is a motley crew of individuals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. What sets the team apart is their combined passion for writing and helping others grow. They are always looking for new ways to engage with the community and create content that resonates with readers.

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