Knowing CQ — 5 Attributes of Our Excellent Team That Embraces Diversity in a Big Way

CQ Celebrates Diversity

What makes a great team? At Consulting Quest (CQ), it’s the people — who are always in sync with one another. And we all work remotely, from different continents and time zones. Sounds like an oxymoron, right? But we really make it. Rather we excel at it! Before going into the details of how, let us tell you what we stand for – diversity, equality, and inclusion. And we walk the talk with our multi-ethnic global team with members who speak different languages, and celebrate different festivals in different times of the year.

In addition to having strong DEI practices woven into the company DNA, there are a few other factors that clicked for us!

No Micromanagement, Only Strong Leadership

Fortunately, we don’t have any superhuman to lead us. However, we have Helene and Laurent, who are two natural-born leaders, who always keep our morale high. With their self-assured style of leadership, they helped cultivate a fun and high-energy work culture and healthy communications across the board. Acting as the critic and the mentor at once, they know how to bring out the best from every member of the team. You might be interested to know more about our founders, their vision, how they started this organization and likes. Read here, how it all started, CQ Was Born in Helene’s Basement – Today We’re the #1 Solution to All Consulting Sourcing/ Procurement Challenges

No Chasing Deadlines, Only Sharing Passion



Knowing CQ -- 5 Attributes of Our Excellent Team That Embraces Diversity in a Big Way


Deadlines are important. They help you stay organized. It’s just that we do not make a big issue about it if someone sometimes misses it. At CQ, we all work in a way so that we can feel proud of the outcome. Our leaders set pretty reasonable timeframes and we stick to them — simple.

No Blame Game, Only Learning From Mistakes

Mistakes happen. Finger-pointing to a particular team member? Nope! This is not the way how we work. If something goes wrong, it’s the responsibility of everyone who is a part of that project.  And when the opposite happens? We lap up the admiration to the last drop.

CQ Is Partial to Meritocracy




Knowing CQ -- 5 Attributes of Our Excellent Team That Embraces Diversity in a Big Way



Promotion and project assignments based on gender, age or nationality? What’s that? At CQ, our office runs on meritocracy and is fuelled by employees’ talent, hard work and ideas.  The merit leads to the positions of greater responsibility, of course. Hence, this is not a suitable place for those who look for a shortcut to success.

Delegation of Responsibilities



Knowing CQ -- 5 Attributes of Our Excellent Team That Embraces Diversity in a Big Way



Effective delegation is the key to project success — everyone knows that.

However, delegating a task to the wrong person can be the recipe for disaster. Here, our leaders have an uncanny ability to identify the person best suited for a particular task. Most interestingly, not only do leaders pass down the tasks to team members; the later often reach out to them with a request for a hand in their task. Hence, you can very well find our CEO helping the team with the making of a video. Unusual, right? Well, that is how we work and thrive.

The pandemic has proved that geographical proximity is just a myth when it comes to building a team and maintaining the rhythm of work. Whether you’re present in the office or work virtually, a strong team is ultimately the make-or-break factor for a company. At CQ, our remote-only culture has become quite a pro at deflecting the challenges of remote working.

Interested in knowing more about our company, latest addition to our offering, new client wins and more?  Keep visiting our company blog page for the latest updates. And, if you want a one-to-one communication, we’re just a call away.

CQ Content Team

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