CQ Was Born in Helene’s Basement – Today We’re the #1 Solution to All Consulting Sourcing/ Procurement Challenges


Consulting Quest (CQ) was founded with a mission to make this world a better place to live. To know what this has to do with consulting, let’s take you on a flashback to 1990’s when these two youngsters in their late teens roamed the streets of Paris dreaming big and exchanging some lofty business ideas between themselves.

They were born entrepreneurs. If one of them envisioned Internet-taxi back in 1997, the other one was thinking about the feasibility of setting up a Walmart-like virtual mall in the infancy of the Internet era. Meet the consultant duo – Helene and Laurent, who never let a very demanding corporate career kill their entrepreneurial dreams that went far beyond starting just a business.

CQ Was Born in Helene’s Basement – Today We’re the #1 Solution to All Consulting Sourcing/ Procurement Challenges

Birth of CQ

Their idea of entrepreneurship involved breaking the status quo and changing the game. A decade and a half later, Helene gave wings to their dreams by founding Consulting Quest with Laurent joining the force!

Just like all the big-ticket enterprises of our time, Consulting Quest was started at a  basement office in the USA back in 2014. Eight years passed by and today this consulting maverick has five offices across the globe, as many as six solutions on its cap, and a platform managing 4000+ consulting firms.

It was not just their high-profile consulting background that prompted the duo to choose the consulting industry as their playing ground. There were a few others.

To outsiders and uninitiated, consulting is all about giving sets of advice, most of which are impossible to translate into action. This perception comes as no surprise amid a significant number of project failures. Besides, consulting outcomes are mostly intangible and immeasurable in numerical terms, and hence, the value generated through consulting is often invisible to untrained eyes.

CQ Was Born in Helene’s Basement – Today We’re the #1 Solution to All Consulting Sourcing/ Procurement Challenges

Consulting Quest was born to change all these, and subsequently pioneered a set of products and methodologies. These industry-first solutions were designed to enable consulting clients to make the best consulting sourcing decisions for their business as well as for the world.

Even this was still not the primary motivation for them to conceive Consulting Quest. They had a vision — to make the world a better place to live. They created this organization to put that idea into action.

CQ Was Born in Helene’s Basement – Today We’re the #1 Solution to All Consulting Sourcing/ Procurement Challenges

Mission and Vision

The world is rife with conflicts, contradictions, and cataclysm; consultants can do wonders in resolving them. Only you need to engage the right consultant for coming up with the best solution. Even the large enterprises struggle to connect with the consultancy having the right expertise. It is equally difficult for most consultancies to reach out to large companies.

Consulting Quest’s mission is to bridge the gap between business leaders looking to solve problems and consultants having the know-how to do just that. Sometimes, all it takes to solve an issue is, finding the person who knows the secret to end it — Helene’s vision was to be the pilot in the quest for that secret-holder.

Creating Impact

Today CQ is the world’s #1 consulting sourcing company, helping organizations to create more impact by better using, buying, and managing consulting services. Environmental sustainability coupled with sustainable consulting procurement remains on the top agenda for the company’s long-term vision.

Consequently, the company engages in helping clients with their sustainability sourcing projects and encouraging suppliers to adopt sustainable practices. CQ also walks the talk by reducing its energy consumption, limiting business travel, and providing pro bono projects for sustainability-engaged NGOs.

Over the years, CQ has positioned itself as a pureplay consulting brand, specializing in procurement. Global and industry-agonistic, the brand CQ relies on an open ecosystem, not pushing the roster.

With proprietary methodologies and thought leadership to address the specificities of any category, CQ is playing a pioneering role in helping private and public organizations source the right consulting team for a given project, wherever they are.

Inclusion and Diversity, are very important at Consulting Quest and the company is working relentlessly towards creating a culture of equality irrespective of ethnicity, gender, religion, or sexual preferences. This woman-led business has already onboarded multiple nationalities, knowing fully well, this is just the beginning of the journey.

CQ Content Team

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