Can Tech Help to Source Consulting? Podcast Episode ft. Laurent Thomas

Can Tech Help to Source Consulting

Stumbling upon a hidden gold mine. That’s what it feels like when you unearth the potential of technology to help source consulting services. In a recent podcast episode of ‘The ProcureTech Podcast‘ featuring our CTO, Laurent Thomas, and esteemed host James Meads; the two of them delved into a very interesting topic: “Can Tech Help to Source Consulting?”

So let’s briefly unravel the key takeaways from that very insightful discussion, shall we?

Navigating the Maze of Consultancy Sourcing

In a riveting conversation that could only be described as a rollercoaster of intellect, Laurent and James explored the mystique of consultancy sourcing. Forget the mundane; they dove headfast into the complex, multifaceted world of consulting, unraveling its secrets and showcasing the transformative power of technology in streamlining the sourcing process.

Decentralized Procurement: The New Norm in Consultancy

Laurent, the trailblazer, masterfully painted a vivid picture of consultancy procurement, drawing parallels with other professional services. Brace yourself for a paradigm shift—decentralized procurement isn’t just a quirk; it’s the norm in consultancy. It’s about time we stop viewing consultancy as an expense and start recognizing it as a strategic investment.

Consource: Unleashing the Power of Tech to Help Source Consulting

But the real star of the show? Enter consource, the brainchild of Consulting Quest—a game-changing SaaS platform that’s set to redefine how organizations optimize consultancy sourcing. Laurent, like a tech wizard, unveiled this gem, showcasing how it’s the secret sauce for organizations aiming to marry technology with structured methodologies for unparalleled success.

Human Elements and Real Talk

The podcast episode didn’t shy away from the nitty-gritty. It courageously tackled personal relationships and the shadowy specter of cronyism, acknowledging the impact they have on senior-level sourcing decisions. This wasn’t just a podcast; it was a real talk, injecting a dose of humanity into the procurement realm.

In Conclusion: A Symphony of Tech and Strategy

This podcast episode wasn’t just a casual chat—it was an electrifying symphony of ideas. The overarching theme? Technology and structured methodologies are the unsung heroes in the saga of consultancy sourcing. Cost reductions? Check. Enhanced service value? Double-check.

It’s time to stop viewing consultancy as a line item and start embracing it as an investment in strategic brilliance.

Tune in to the Podcast Episode & Elevate Your Procurement Game

Are you ready for the auditory feast of a lifetime? Dive into the complete podcast episode featuring our very own Mr. Laurent Thomas and the illustrious James Meads. Click the links below and prepare to be swept off your feet:

Online Player:



And there you have it—your backstage pass to a podcast episode that’s not just a discussion but a pulsating journey through the tech-driven cosmos of consultancy sourcing. Thank you for riding the excitement wave with us, and we hope you relished every thrilling moment!

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