Building a Remote Dream Team: Lessons from a Small but Mighty Procurement Firm

Remote Dream Team

Just because we’re the top consulting procurement firm globally doesn’t mean we’re just a bunch of data-obsessed spreadsheet aficionados. We excel at much more, like mastering time zones with precision. We’ve perfected this art so well that we’re compelled to share our insights with small firms like ours, hoping they can benefit from the lessons we’ve learned.

Cracking the Code: How Tech Turns Remote Teams into the Epitome of Efficiency

Navigating the challenges of remote work has become the norm for businesses worldwide, presenting a unique set of pros and cons. At our small but mighty procurement firm, we’ve not only embraced the remote work model but have triumphed over the hurdles it presents, with our team spanning four continents.

Central to our success in remote work is a dual focus on collaboration and technology. We’ve recognized that a collaborative approach serves as the cornerstone of our remote work strategy, fostering a cohesive team dynamic despite the physical distance.

Our team members transcend the title of mere employees; they are essential contributors to a collective vision. The cornerstone of our commitment to seamless collaboration lies in the adept utilization of indispensable tools such as Zoho Apps and Microsoft Teams. Leading the charge in our communication arsenal is Zoho Cliq, a mainstay in our toolkit. This trusty sidekick facilitates the free flow of ideas through seamless chats.

And when it’s time to gather the troops for virtual rendezvous, we turn to the formidable Microsoft Teams, ensuring that our remote meetings are as harmonious as a well-brewed cup of coffee. Procurement challenges may be formidable foes, but armed with tools such as Zoho and Teams, we make navigating these hurdles look like a leisurely stroll through the cloud.

Embracing Freedom: Why We’re Ditching Time Tracking Software

In our toolkit of remote work essentials, there’s one tool conspicuously absent – time tracking software. Contrary to conventional wisdom, we emphatically reject its use in our organization. Instead, we prioritize a work environment that values autonomy and trust.

This approach has not only cultivated a sense of responsibility within our team but has also contributed to a more relaxed and productive remote work environment. The absence of time tracking software doesn’t mean a lack of accountability. Instead, it underscores the team’s responsibility to deliver promptly, fostering even greater dedication to meeting deadlines.

Lessons Learned in the Past Year

Over the past year of remote work, we’ve gleaned valuable lessons that have significantly enhanced our collaborative efforts. The implementation of compulsory weekly meetings has been a game-changer, swiftly closing the loop on pending tasks.

Collaborative project management tools have streamlined our processes, improving task tracking and overall project visibility, fostering accountability and efficiency. Emphasizing individual and team goal-setting has provided a shared roadmap, boosting motivation and reinforcing bonds within our remote team.

Clear communication, strategic tools, and well-defined goals have proven to be the pillars of successful collaboration in our remote work environment.

Challenges Faced and Overcome

Certainly, the journey to building a remote dream team hasn’t been without its challenges. Time zone differences often create logistical hurdles, making synchronous collaboration a challenge.

However, we turn this obstacle into an opportunity by leveraging asynchronous communication tools and setting clear expectations for response times. This not only allows us to overcome time zone barriers but also enhance our team’s adaptability and efficiency.

Another challenge we face is maintaining a sense of team culture in a virtual setting. We address this by organizing virtual team-building activities and social events, ensuring that our team members feel connected beyond work-related duties.

From virtual coffee gatherings to cross-continent gaming sessions, the range is vast! But wait, it gets even better! Our CEO, Helene, is the chief architect of these adventures, leading the charge with boundless energy! These escapades more than make up for the lack of in-person office antics. It’s a virtual world, but the fun is oh-so-real!


Building a remote dream team is an ongoing journey that requires a blend of collaboration, technology, and trust. Our small but mighty procurement firm stands as a testament to the fact that success in remote work goes beyond overcoming geographical boundaries – it’s about cultivating a workplace that thrives on collaboration and the right technological support.

As we look ahead, our commitment to these principles remains unwavering, and the lessons learned from our journey will continue to shape the future of our remote dream team.

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