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Elementos-chave a serem incluídos em seu contrato de consultoria: um guia abrangente
Unlock the Secrets to Effective Consulting Agreements with Our Comprehensive Guide! Dive into the world of consulting agreements and learn the key elements for success. From detailed insights on Statements of Work to navigating complex terms and conditions, our guide provides invaluable information for...


    Plataformas de experiência e micro-consultoria
    Beyond the traditional model like GLG, Third Bridge, Alphasight, or Guidepointe, new business models have emerged in the expertise-on-demand such as Machine-driven Expert Networks such as NewtonX, techspert or proSapient. In this Guide, we present a list of these networks including the website link and...
    Taxonomia - Guia
    Have you ever found yourself browsing a consultant website and wondering: “what do they concretely do? What problems do they solve? And what are they actually good at?” The good news if we can refer to it this way is that you are not alone. For companies that are helping others to define their value...



      Avaliando o alinhamento da sua estratégia de consultoria
      Understand how companies can generate more value through Consulting by aligning their Consulting Spend with their Strategy ...
      Concentrando os esforços para maximizar o valor
      Identify the key areas where you need to focus your efforts to maximize the Value you will get from the project. Many organizations focus on the negotiation stage when aligning the objectives, scoping and sourcing the right consultants is what creates more Value. ...
      Gerenciando com sucesso o processo de sourcing de consultoria
      Review the main steps in the process of managing the sourcing of Consulting projects, from defining the needs, formalizing all the elements in the RFP, assessing the written proposals, getting closer to selecting the best provider, managing, and terminating contracts? ...
      Verificando o desempenho
      Explore how companies that are managing a significant number of Consulting projects can professionalize the management of their Consulting Spend and capture quick gains by implementing a simple set of actions. ...
      Diagnosticando a maturidade de suas aquisições de consultoria
      Consulting Procurement Organizations should aim to reach a high level of maturity, where the team is using best-in-class practices and brings significant efficiency gains for the Procurement group and company as a whole. But before an organization can draw its path to excellence, it must first evaluate...



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