CQ Welcomes Jingyi (Angie) Zhang – Our 2nd partner in Asia


Our team in Asia is expanding! To meet the growing demand from our customers in the area, we have integrated a new associate. Jingyi will support Vincent Perrier-Trudov, our chief product officer and head of Asia-Pacific.

Jingyi was born in Beijing and moved to the U.S. at the age of thirteen. She graduated from the College of William and Mary with a Degree in International Relations and Finance. Previously, she gained international professional experience at organizations including Ernst & Young, AidData and the United Nations.

Her global upbringing and diverse experiences have shaped her unique worldview and trained her to act proactively under unfamiliar and CQ Welcomes Jingyi (Angie) Zhang - Our 2nd partner in Asiafast-paced environments. She integrated the Consulting Quest team in the U.S. more than a year ago, as an intern. Her knowledge of the Asian markets and the mastery of the local language will allow her to support Vincent in the development of our activities in this region. ]

According to Jingyi, “CQ’s forward-thinking vision and disruptive methodologies match my entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to make a difference. I have always been interested in learning solutions to inefficiencies in the Consulting space and ways to create more value for both Consulting buyers and providers. CQ provides such solutions—it refines the way consulting service is procured and measured and is a game changer for consulting and procurement altogether. Expanding in Asia is an opportunity for CQ to continue learning and growing itself and gaining experiences valuable to future development in other emerging markets. The underdeveloped consulting market in Asia also presents unique opportunities and growth potentials for CQ to educate the general public, establishing itself as the first mover in the region and enhancing its status as an industry thought leader.”
If you have an interest in speaking with Jingyi about potential opportunities, you may contact her at Jingyi.Zhang@ConsultingQuest.com.

About Consulting Quest

Helene Laffitte

Hélène Laffitte is the CEO of Consulting Quest, a Global Performance-Driven Consulting Platform. With a blend of experience in Procurement and Consulting, Hélène is passionate about helping Companies create more value through Consulting. To find out more, visit the blog or contact her directly.

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