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Navigating the New Normal: A Cross-Functional Look at the Evolution of Consulting.

Join us on 17th July, 2024 at 5PM CET/11AM EST for a special webinar celebrating Consulting Quest’s 10th anniversary!

This milestone event titled “Navigating the New Normal: A Cross-Functional Look at the Evolution of Consulting”, reflects on a decade of growth, innovation, and collaboration.

Our panel of distinguished experts will share insights on the current state and future direction of the consulting industry. Engage in meaningful dialogue about emerging trends, challenges, and the evolution of our field.

Topics covered will include:

  • Changing Role and Perception of Consultants Over the Last Decade
  • The changing perception of big consulting firms and the realization that even top names are not infallible.
  • Integration of AI and Machine Learning in Consulting
  • Evolving Client Perspectives on Big Consulting Firms
  • Value and ROI in Consulting
  • Increased Access to Information and Its Impact on Consulting

What to Expect:

✅New Angles and Perspectives

✅Real-World Examples and case studies illustrating concepts.

✅Diverse Expertise and a well-rounded view of current trends and challenges.

✅Actionable Insights and tips for both clients and consultants

Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate with us and gain valuable perspectives on the future of consulting!

P.S: The webinar will be premiered on our YouTube channel.

Meet our speakers

Hélène Laffitte
Navigating the New Normal: A Cross-Functional Look at the Evolution of Consulting.Hélène Laffitte, the CEO and co-founder of Consulting Quest, is a trailblazer in the consulting sourcing landscape. With an impressive track record of executive roles at ENGIE, Hélène has mastered the art of optimizing consulting procurement. Her innovative strategies and performance measurement systems have led to significant savings, solidifying her reputation as a strategist in the industry.

Hélène’s approach combines proprietary methodologies with advanced digital tools, enhancing value creation for companies worldwide. An engineer by training and a dynamic leader, she’s reshaping the consulting procurement process with her athletic business model. When she’s not revolutionizing the industry, Hélène indulges in her love for tea and stays active with her passion for sports.

Laurent Thomas
Navigating the New Normal: A Cross-Functional Look at the Evolution of Consulting.Laurent Thomas, the co-founder of Consulting Quest, is the epitome of innovation in client guidance for consulting services. His extensive experience as Executive Vice President at Solvay and leading the Organization Transformation Practice Americas for Oliver Wyman has given him a unique perspective on value creation in consulting.

Laurent has both sourced and sold consulting services, developing a keen insight into the intricate dynamics of the consulting market. A passionate reader and rugby enthusiast, Laurent is also an amateur computer programmer. His engineering acumen and consulting expertise make him an invaluable asset to organizations looking to maximize their consulting investments.

Together, Hélène and Laurent bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, making them the perfect guides for navigating the modern consulting landscape. Join them as they share their invaluable insights in our upcoming webinar.

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