Digitalization of Procurement: What About Consulting?

In the world of digitalization, procurement and consulting are increasingly being done through software automation. Source to Pay and Procurement to Pay both enable companies to streamline their processes and enable them to utilize new technologies that have been developed out of necessity in order to meet dynamic supply chain demands.

However, while there are great tools available in the market for this purpose, they cannot always be effective when applied to consulting services due to their complex nature.

Join Helene Laffitte on the 16th of March 2023 in a live webinar session that will delve deeper into how digitalization has impacts on procurement and consulting services.

The following things that will be discussed in the live webinar session on the “Digitalization of procurement” include:

  • What is digital transformation for procurement?
  • Why consulting buyers are not recognized as digital partners?
  • What are the right tools for digital transformation of procurement?
  • How can we leverage available tools to bring value to the organization?
  • How to map out the maturity and performance of procurement organizations using a maturity scale with five levels?

Registrations for the FREE event will be available soon. Stay tuned!

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