Designing a Market Entry strategy in Healthcare

The Client is an international Materials Company headquartered in the US providing advanced materials formulations for applications in industries ranging from automotive to electronics.

The Context

The Client wanted to explore the opportunities in the healthcare industry for one of their innovations and deliver a full-scale, actionable Market Entry Strategy complete with Market Implementation Plan for their product. The Client had already organized a first round of proposals but was not satisfied with the pricing and approach proposed by their incumbent.

Your company offers a service which clearly fills a gap when a client is trying to locate consulting services. You made the search process easy, clear and efficient so that we could concentrate on our project and daily work.

~SVP Marketing & Business Development

The Challenge

The client wanted to bring-in relevant competition, familiar with the US healthcare market and regulations, to challenge on both content and pricing.

The Mandate

  • Source reliable US-based consulting firms, with reasonable fees expectations, with a strong industrial expertise in Medical Devices and Dental as well as end to end capabilities from regulatory to marketing

The Results

  • Consulting Quest sourced two US Providers with Very Niche Expertise to challenge the Incumbent.
  • Proposals surfaced several technical areas not explored in the 1st round.
  • The Final Offer Negotiated was more to the point and 30% lower than the First Round.


Decrease vs Incumbent’s first price


Very Niche Consulting Firms sourced

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