Assessing the Feasibility for investments in Petrochemicals

The client was a partially state-owned investment company in the Middle East in charge of the industrialization of the region for the Energy sector.

The Context

The client was looking at a major investment in downstream chemicals as a way to increase local production. A preliminary high-level business plan had been prepared and the client wanted to confirm the assumptions and the expected outcomes before proceeding.

Finding a company able to combine investments expertise and strategy was not easy. We are very happy with the company that was ultimately selected

VP Strategy

The Challenge

The client wanted to identify the best industrial partner for the project in the long run. The client wanted to work with a company presenting a hybrid profile with experience in Strategy and Operations in the Petrochemical Industry. Only one company had been identified but was asking for a hefty price.

The Mandate

  • Support the RFP process and source consulting firms with hybrid expertise in Strategy and Engineering with dedicated practice focused on Petrochemicals

The Results

  • Consulting Quest sourced relevant competition combining Petrochemical, Marketing and Engineering expertise with global footprint and expertise and local offices.
  • The scope was narrowed to key activities and the Incumbent aligned its quote to match relevant competitors.
  • The support from Consulting Quest helped to generate a Total saving vs initial estimate of 35%.


Total Savings compared to the initial estimate


Relevant competitors combining Petrochemical, Marketing, and Engineering.

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