Analyzing the Reconfiguration of the Value Chain post Oil Crisis

The Client was an International Company headquartered in the US operating in the Energy Sector.

The Context

The client had a significant part of their business in the Unconventional Oil & Gas (horizontal drilling, fracking, deep water, …). They wanted to refresh their understanding of the stimulation segment to feed their strategy and identify potential new opportunities for their products and services.

Great Project. Useful insights. This new consulting firm was a nice catch.

~EVP Strategy O&G

The Challenge

The Analysis should cover the evolution of the value chain, the strategies of the stakeholders, the evolution of the value pools as part of an outside process. The main Focus was on the depth of expertise in the well-stimulation techniques, in the US-market.

The Mandate

  • Support the RFP process and source Strategy Consulting Firms with deep expertise in Unconventional O&G supported by relevant references.

The Results

  • Consulting Quest sourced Providers with Strong Expertise in Well-Stimulation and Strategy.
  • The selected Provider was 50% less Expensive than Incumbents and within budget.
  • The project aligned all stakeholders on a shared understanding of the value chain.


Less Expensive than Competitors


Stakeholders aligned on the understanding of the value chain

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