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Sourcing is not a talent. It’s a skill. Access everything you need to take your consulting sourcing to the next level.

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Why the Smart Consulting Sourcing Project ?

Only 7% of executives feel adequately equipped to buy consulting services. Using best practices could lead on average to 30% of savings, improve the bottom line, and fuel additional projects to create tremendous value. All conditions are gathered for clients to disrupt the way consulting is procured.

Yet embarking in this transformation is not easy. It requires access to knowledge, training and persistence. We share a lot of thought leadership on line but there was no way to keep track of everything and its was difficult to know where to start. This is why we created the Smart Consulting Sourcing Project.

Smart Consulting Sourcing Project is our Step-by-Step system to optimize your consulting sourcing. With a vast knowledge base, members only content, a roadmap to excellence. 1 on 1 sessions and a community to support you we have assembled the perfect system to transform your consulting procurement.

smart consulting sourcing project

4 reasons to embark on the Smart Consulting Sourcing Project

Grow your network

Connect, with executives sharing the same interests all over the globe. 

Heighten your Skills

Grow your expertise thanks to state of the art knowledge on consulting sourcing.

Create more Impact

Maximize the value you are getting from your consulting spend.

Reduce Costs

Pull innovative levers to reduce your consulting costs.

Bring your Consulting Procurement to the next level

with the Smart Consulting Sourcing Project

the #1 Consulting Sourcing Transformation Program.

How it Works

Become a member and get access to our entire system.

Smart Consulting Sourcing Project


Smart Consulting Sourcing Project

Knowledge Base

Smart Consulting Sourcing Project


Smart Consulting Sourcing Project

Project Management

Join the Smart Consulting Sourcing Community

  • Access to Smart Consulting Sourcing Community
  • Collaborate and Interact with Peers all over the world
  • Join peer discussion channels and contribute
  • Ask for peer support if you are a nice fellow
  • Participate in Benchmark and Crowdsourced research
  • Attend Virtual Events (conferences and meetups)
  • Join Local Chapters and put faces on names
Smart Consulting Sourcing Project

Access our Consulting Procurement Knowledge Base

  • Access our Consulting Procurement Toolkit (checklists, templates, …)
  • Enjoy a vast library of articles and white papers
  • Access to podcasts library including transcripts and members-only episodes
  • Receive research materials and our curated Newsletter on the consulting industry
  • Access to Recordings of past events in case you missed them
  • …. and as a Welcome Gift receive our Smart Consulting Sourcing E-Book

Attend the Smart Consulting Sourcing Academy

  • Enjoy courses in various formats (non-exhaustive list)
    • How consultants create value
    • Scoping the requirements for a consulting projects
    • Finding the right consultants for a consulting project
    • Scoring and selecting the best consulting firm for you
    • Taking advantage of the disruption
  • Each course ends with a short Quiz to validate skills acquisition
  • Members in the same cohort enjoy dedicated channels to exchange
Smart Consulting Sourcing Project

Stay on Track with Project Management

  • Perform Self-Diagnostic to assess your starting point
  • Get and customize your Step-by-step process to improve your performance
  • Receive Nudges and weekly tips to keep you on track
  • Questions, Stuck? Email us to get a detailed answer.
  • Attend Monthly Q&A calls to get all your questions answered
  • Set-up One on One sessions with Helene

Apply now to join this exclusive program and transform your consulting procurement

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to Join the Smart Consulting Sourcing Project ?

  • Natural members of the SCS project are procurement professional with a focus on the consulting category
  • Executives with an interest in how to create more value through consulting tend to only access thought leadership, without necessarily embarking on the SCS project
  • Professors and Students are welcome in the community for research purposes
  • We do not accept consultants or software vendors to avoid self-promotion

It is valid for all countries and geographies ?

  • By design ! We are a global company and so is the community
  • We live in a global world and most companies have a global footprint. You can find companies headquartered in the UK with Global Indirect lead out of Singapore.
  • Limiting the Smart Consulting Sourcing Project to a few geographies would not really make sense.

Is the Smart Consulting Sourcing Project a Guarantee of success ?

  • Always difficult to guarantee something when you do not control everything.
  • But we will equip you with all the elements to be successful.
  • And the methods and tools have been tested with success by consulting quest for years.
  • So if you put the hard work behind it there is no obvious reason to fail.

How much will I interact with Helene ?

As a member of the Smart Consulting Sourcing Project you will have many opportunities to interact with Helene

  • Daily / Weekly through the channels from the community
  • For reviewing your self assessment and charting the roadmap
  • During periodic check-ins for a sparring session

What if I need help to make a step change?

  • The program was designed to be stand-alone and self-supporting
  • We will do everything we can to help through the support, community channels, Q&A sessions, and one to one meetings
  • Would you need some additional support to implement and drive change, our consulting teams will be happy to work with you.

Is the Smart Consulting Sourcing Project for beginners or advanced buyers ?

  • All professionals are welcome: aspiring professionals, beginners, or black belts
  • The community is open-minded, everyone is expected to contribute as much as they can.
  • As for any community make sure to read the guidelines and to follow all basic training before asking too many questions
  • Feel free to ask us!
Do you have more questions about consulting procurement as a service?Contact us!

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