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Increase the maturity of your sourcing process by implementing best practices from demand to performance management

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Consulting Procurement Excellence 

Often managed as part of the indirect category, Consulting is one of the most strategic yet under-optimized categories.

Consulting spend can represent up to 1% of turnover and our experience shows that companies equipped with a best in class consulting sourcing capability could reduce their cost base by an average of 20%. This could represent 0.2% of turnover, just do the math and you will see what this could mean for you.

Besides helping them with their sourcing endeavors, we help companies to improve their consulting procurement. Working closely with your teams we identify and realize savings and build the foundations to sustain the performance over time.

The road to consulting procurement excellence.

procurement excellence

How much could you save on your Consulting Spend?

How we can help you to Optimize Your Consulting Spend ?


Spend on the Right Priorities


Unlock Substantial Savings


Increase Return / Investment


Make it Sustainable

Our Approach

We consider Consulting Procurement as a means to an end. An often untapped level in the CEO’s arsenal. If well done, consulting procurement can generate tremendous value, bring new sources of competitive advantage while also containing costs.

Most of our projects share the same characteristics. We start from the strategic intent and work collaboratively with your teams to progressively achieve your goals and in the process transfer knowledge to your teams. Drawing upon our expertise, research, and proprietary methodologies and tools, we help you build a strategic edge in a hands-on fashion. We also help you identify where and how to use consulting, how to find the right consultants for your projects, identify sources of savings and synergies and progressively increase the maturity of your consulting sourcing capability for the future.

Helene Laffitte

CEO, Consulting Quest


Our Services


Consulting Sourcing Strategy


Savings Capture Program


Consulting Spend Analysis


Consulting Sourcing Maturity Improvement

Clients Results

Benchmarking Consulting Procurement Maturity


The Benchmark was performed with the collaboration of multiple clients in various industries (Banking, Automotive, Aerospace, Chemicals, …). Objective was to Assess the maturity and consulting spend of all companies, identify spend discrepancies and key actions to contain costs.

We thought we were spending too much. But it turned out that we were in the middle of the pack but were not getting the right value for our money.

CFO , Banking


Potential Savings Identified


Maturity Score

Reach Excellence for your Consulting Procurement with Conpex

Work with the Best Consultants, Drive more Impact …

While Optimizing Costs and ROI

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Why work With Us ?


Consulting Focus

We are 100% focused on consulting. We do just that and we do it right.


Category Expertise

We master the category and its ins and outs.  Where to use, how to use, how to buy and how to manage the performance.


Global Footprint

With are located on all major geographies and can operate both remotely and on site.


Collaborative Model

We don’t believe in “study and recommend” models. We work hand in hand with our clients to ensure buy-in and knowledge transfer.


Specific Methodologies

We have developed methodologies, tools and templates specific for consulting. When working with us you get access to the full suite.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the workload for the client on these projects ?

  • Usually, we take care of the heavy lifting in data crunching, reports, meetings preparation…
  • But a minimum is expected if you want to have a successful project.
  • You need to set up a project with a project leader.
  • You also need to set up governance with some key executives in the organization to sponsor the project.
  • Afterward, workload is rather light beyond answering questionnaires or interviews and participating in some working sessions.

Do you often work with hybrid teams ?

  • Collaboration is key if to transfer knowledge.
  • We often team up with your procurement teams during the entire project.
  • We recommend also involving someone from the finance function.

Why use Conpex if I can access the know how through the Smart Consulting Sourcing Project ?

  • In short: Timing and Impact
  • If you want results fast, there is today no better set-up than a dedicated project team.
  • Our teams have the experience to drive the project to completion in very tight deadlines.
  • Besides, in this type of situation, having facts presented by an external party helps to get internal buy-in.

What parts of category management do you cover ?

  • We pretty much cover all steps, with the exception of payments, even though we can even discuss payment terms standards, and best practices.
  • Whether you want to build a panel, establish frame contracts, monitor the performance, drive improvements, align with the strategy or update the panel to accommodate future needs, we can help.

Can you help me source consultants for my project ?

  • Yes, we can. But not as part of our Conpex Solutions.
  • We offer Consulting Procurement as a Service, and we help you with all the steps from scoping to completion.
  • Check our Consulting Procurement as a Service solution (Conpaas).

Consulting is sensitive. Do you work on premise?

  • We are established as a global company.
  • We work where you need us to work.
  • If you need us on-site, we will make it happen.
Do you have more questions? Contact us!

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