Our Journey

Rome was not built in one day. Take a walk down memory lane.

July 2014

When everything started

Our Journey


The story starts in December 2013, during a dinner between our two founders involving cheese and lots of wine  (they are French after all).

It was difficult for large companies to find reasonably priced consultants with the right expertise. It was equally difficult for most consultancies to reach out to large companies. They had the idea to create a company to help clients buy consulting services.

A few months later, Consulting Quest was born.

May 2015

Paris, baby

Our Journey
Going back to our roots, we opened the Paris office to serve continental Europe. The European consulting industry is the second largest in the world.

October 2015

Keep calm and go to London

Our Journey

We just crossed the channel; Consulting Quest opened an office in London, UK, to serve the UK & Ireland, a major market for consulting. Just do not forget to say consultancy and not consulting if you want to be understood.

January 2017

Our first Directory is online

Our Journey

With more than 2000 Consulting firms profiled, the Directory listed consultancies with more than 8000 offices spread across 160 countries, with links to their websites and social media channels, searchable by consultancy name or by region, capability, or industry.

March 2017

Hold my Singapore sling

Our Journey

Opening in the fastest growing region for consulting services was a no-brainer for Consulting Quest. We opted for Singapore to serve our Asian clients.

The Singapore office is ideally located for all of South East Asia. We plan to open in China and Japan in the future. Stay tuned.

March 2017

Consulting Quest recognized

Our Journey


It is with great honor to announce that Consulting Quest has been chosen as a finalist by the World Procurement Awards 2018 in the Best Procurement Consultancy Project Award category.

In association with SAP Ariba, the World Procurement Awards are the most celebrated and sought-after awards in procurement, representing the best projects, people, and organizations across the world. They reward the collective efforts of individuals and teams and are an affirmation of the hard work, innovation, and dedication of those at the forefront of this dynamic global profession.

October 2018

Consulting Wiki? 2.0: same but nicer

Our Journey


Our Consulting Wiki got a facelift The Consulting WIki is the reference website for all matters consulting-related.

February 2019

A new tribe is born

Our Journey

The Smart Consulting Sourcing Community was launch to exchange ideas, best practices, and challenges around consulting procurement.

You can join the community on Facebook and Linkedin.

May 2020

On the road to stardom

Our Journey

In all humility, our book “Smart Consulting Sourcing: a step by step guide to getting the best ROI from your consulting” and the podcast associated are your best sources for all things consulting procurement.

You can find the e-book from your preferred retailer.

January 2021

Conavigo the Consulting Search Engine is Live !

Our Journey


After months of preparation, we soft-launched Conavigo, the upgrade of our Directory. With more than 4000 consulting firms, Conavigo a consulting platform designed to help our clients to find Consulting Providers.

Blending Digital and Human to Human Interactions, Conavigo is the perfect place to Identify the right partners for your projects.

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Our Journey

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