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The Consulting Procurement Chronicle – January 2024

The Consulting Procurement Chronicle – January 2024

In the Consulting Procurement Chronicle – January 2024, discover the transformative power of Generative AI, avoid costly mistakes in sourcing, and explore disruptive trends in consulting. Tune in to insightful podcasts unraveling the evolution of the consulting value chain and the intricacies of direct and indirect procurement. Stay ahead with expert analyses and thought-provoking discussions in the dynamic world of consulting procurement.

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Remote Dream Team

Building a Remote Dream Team: Lessons from a Small but Mighty Procurement Firm

Unlock the secrets of our top global procurement firm's success in remote work. From tech-driven efficiency to embracing freedom by ditching time tracking, delve into our journey of triumphs, lessons learned, and overcoming challenges. Join our CEO, Helene, in crafting a remote dream team fueled by collaboration, technology, and trust. The future of work awaits – discover the key to building a thriving virtual workplace.

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Consulting Quest Recap 2023 Blog

Reflecting on a Dynamic Year: Consulting Quest’s 2023 Recap

Embark on a journey through the transformative landscape of consulting in 2023 with Consulting Quest's comprehensive recap. Dive into the dynamic highlights that shaped the industry, gaining valuable insights into the trends, challenges, and innovations that defined this remarkable year.

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Can Tech Help to Source Consulting - Podcast Episode ft. Laurent Thomas

Can Tech Help to Source Consulting? Podcast Episode ft. Laurent Thomas

Dive into the dynamic realm of consulting sourcing and technology's transformative role in our a podcast episode featuring Laurent Thomas. Explore how technology is reshaping the landscape of sourcing in the consulting world. Gain valuable insights and discover the potential of leveraging tech for a more efficient and strategic consulting approach.

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Best of the Best - Insights of the Year

Best of the Best: Insights of the Year So Far

Stay at the forefront of knowledge and innovation with our meticulously handpicked assortment showcasing the absolute pinnacle of insights of 2023 so far. Elevate your understanding and anticipation as you delve into our thoughtfully crafted compilation, a testament to staying ahead in the ever-evolving realm of cutting-edge information.

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Top 5 SCS Podcast Episodes

Top 5 Smart Consulting Sourcing Podcast Episodes of the Year (So Far)

Delve into the world of smart consulting sourcing through our handpicked selection of the top 5 podcast episodes of the year. Tune in to gain expert perspectives, innovative strategies, and actionable advice from our host Helene Laffitte, helping you stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of consulting sourcing.

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