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Improveo: the #1 Consulting Search Engine

In today’s world it was unbelievable to have so much information on categories such as travel or softwares and to have almost nothing simple and unbiased on consulting for budgets hundreds of times higher. We created Improveo to help consulting users to find the right consulting firms for them with confidence.

Hélène Laffitte

CEO , Consulting Quest

What is Improveo?

Improveo helps consulting users to better leverage Management Consulting.


Stay current

Executives from all around the globe can stay current and get project ideas by using a vast library of Thought Leadership.


Get the right insights

When it comes to Sourcing, Company Profiles, Thought Leadership and Performance Reviews from former clients provide insights to select Consulting Firms with the expertise they need for a given project.


Connect with consulting firms

The social features allow to connect, engage in conversations with consulting firms and ask for additional information, meetings, or proposals.

Improveo makes sourcing easy whatever your consulting needs.

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Consulting Firms








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Improveo: the #1 Consulting Search Engine

Are you using Consulting Services?

Discover the New Way to Find Consulting Firms, blending Digital and Human to Human Interactions. Learn from and work with the best practitioners.

Develop a strategic edge

Tired of missing out and searching for hours ? Get an easy access to state of the art thought leadership, insights and best practices. Identify new ways to make an impact and create value.

Search and find Consulting Firms like never before

Search by expertise, industry, geography and key words. Learn about consulting firms, their expertise, their value proposition, their thought leadership, what their former clients have to say and how they differentiate.

Connect and exchange with consultants

Connect directly with consulting firms and authors, asks questions, follow as you see fit, bounce ideas and ask for additional information.

Ask for proposals from consultants you can trust

Invite consultants to pitch on your projects. Create relevant competition and get the right consulting firm at the right cost.

Are you Providing Consulting Services?

Showcase your company in front of millions of buyers. Compete on the quality of your work and your ideas. Reach clients beyond your existing network. Get a professional display for your Brand. Be visible on what matters

Strengthen your brand

Claim your profile, develop your value proposition and how you standout from the competition, showcase your capabilities and your expertise. Develop a complementary presence to your website on a high traffic platform.

Develop trust and credibility

Showcase your Thought Leadership and the ratings of your former clients. Demonstrate your performance and your expertise.

Sell more projects

Engage in real time with prospects answer to their questions and create relationships, generate new opportunities and get invited to new projects.

Keep improving and learning

Get insights from your customers, listen to their voice and analyze benchmark elements to improve what you do and how you deliver.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of Improveo?

  • Using the core features of the platform is free. You can get your free account here.
  • For Consultants the cost depends on the features selected. Ask for a demo for more info.

Do we find independent consultants on the platform ?

  • For the time being, we have focused on Consulting Firms.
  • Independent Consultants are welcome to join and post articles but will not show up in search results for now.
  • We are looking at solutions to establish the same capabilities for independent consultants in the future.

I could not find my preferred consultancy. How come ?

  • The consulting industry is moving fast and new consulting firms are created every day.
  • Due to the small size of many consulting firms, we may miss some of them.
  • In any case, please shoot us a message and we will correct this oversight.

How can I claim my company ?

  • We had a self service feature like this in the past. We have discontinued it.
  • Let’s jump on a call and do this together. It should not take too long.
  • Ask for a demo using one of the buttons on this page.

How are the ratings collected ?

  • Ratings are collected using the Conpas methodology.
  • They are either collected through
    • Clients measuring the performance of their consultants with Consource.
    • Consultants asking for performance feedbacks from their clients with Conpulse.
  • For each project clients receive a questionnaire to assess the performance of a given consulting firm on their project.
  • Consolidated Data is presented in an aggregated form at company level.

Where can I find your taxonomy. I would like to use the same.

  • We had the same issue. Its very difficult to find a good taxonomy for consulting. So we created our own.
  • You can download it from the Thought Leadership page.
  • If you are interested in bringing your consulting sourcing to the next level check the Smart Consulting Sourcing Project.
Do you have more questions? Contact us!

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Improveo: the #1 Consulting Search Engine


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Improveo: the #1 Consulting Search Engine

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