A Blast from the Past: Top 5 Smart Consulting Sourcing Podcast Episodes — Summer Special Part 1

Smart Consulting Sourcing

août 4, 2022

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#1 of 5 Top Smart Consulting Sourcing Podcast

So, it’s the summer break and everyone’s a little bit lax, including us. But don’t you worry, we’ve still got you covered with some great content. We’ve made a list of our five best Smart Consulting Sourcing podcasts for you to enjoy over the summer break. So, please do tune in to our top 5 podcast ever since we started Smart Consulting Sourcing!


Smart Consulting Sourcing


We are starting this series by sharing one of our most downloaded episodes in which Helene, the host of this podcast and the CEO of Consulting Quest, discusses the size of the consulting industry.

People have often wondered about how big the consulting industry really is. And to be fair, there are many ways to answer this question. Just as there are many ways to look at the market. And indeed, consulting is a dynamic market growing globally and is expected to grow even more in the coming years.

Listen to the full podcast What Is The Size Of The Consulting Industry?

Enjoy the podcast episode and do share your thoughts on this subject. We’ll look forward to hearing from you. Meanwhile, you can also tune in to our YouTube channel and watch our videos on everything consulting. The link is below.

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Hélène Laffitte

Hélène Laffitte est PDG de Consulting Quest, leader mondial des achats de conseil. Avec des années d'experience, en achats et en conseil, sa passion est d'aider les entreprises à créer plus de valeur grâce au conseil. Pour en savoir plus, visitez le blog ou contactez-la directement.

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