How does your consulting procurement maturity measure against the best?

Is your Consulting Spend aligned with your strategy? Do your teams have an advanced understanding of the Consulting Market including trends and fee benchmarks? Did you implement dynamic management of your Consulting Panel? Do you use Demand Management to control your Consulting Spend?

The answers to these questions will help you assess the Maturity of your Consulting Sourcing Capability.

This upcoming LIVE webinar will be a fantastic learning experience about your consulting procurement maturity and how do you measure it against the best of the class?

Join Consulting Sourcing expert Hélène Laffitte live and learn the ways to know where you currently stand on the Maturity level and what makes the leading organizations best in class.

Participants will cover the following during this webinar:

  • How you can evaluate the Maturity of your Consulting Sourcing Capabilities and identify your level of Maturity
  • How to reach the next level, playing with four levers: Strategy, Process, Enablers and Category Management
  • Identify where you are and where you want to go as an organization.
  • How to implement a sustainable Performance Management system which is essential in reaching the highest levels of maturity.
  • Why understanding and managing the consulting category is key to unlocking value and saving for your organization.

Well, we’re pretty sure that procurement leaders know where they are, but how do they fare against the best and what should be their priorities moving forward is another story and it doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion 😉

So, What are you waiting for?

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