6 Levers to Optimize the ROI of your Consulting Spend

Consulting can be a powerful lever for Companies to accelerate value creation. However, to capture maximum value from their consulting spend, companies need to put efforts into measuring the performance of their consulting project and evaluating the return on investment. Our six levers can help you achieve just that.

Don’t miss out — join our experts Helene Laffitte and Laurent Thomas and expand your knowledge base, develop a greater understanding of practical tactics you can implement, and get ready to optimize the way you use consulting.

Some of the essential points that will be covered in the live webinar session include the following:

  • Why should companies optimize their consulting spend?
  • What do companies usually do?
  • Why is it not working?
  • What should you do instead?
  • How to use the 6 levers to optimize the ROI of your consulting spend?
  • What should you expect?
  • Where to get started?

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