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The power of collaboration 

Even though consulting spend can reach up to 3% of turnover, Consulting remains a very niche category.

Most companies or business units are unlikely to have the critical size to employ an expert in consulting sourcing. And even if they do have someone, the volume of activity usually prevents them from developing expertise in all capabilities.

This creates an asymmetry between buyers and sellers. Similarly to buying a new car. Buying consulting services is a rare occurrence for the client and a full-time job for the provider.

As a result, consulting users tend to rely on the few consulting firms they know, which opens the door for higher fees or, even worse, using the wrong consulting firms on their projects and therefore missing out on their objectives.

The Consulting Procurement As A Service model can allow companies to strengthen their teams by giving them access to a team of specialists equipped with databases, systems, and processes specific to the category.

In a Star Wars analogy: They can bring balance to the force.

consulting procurement

What are The Benefits ?

Conpaas: Consulting Procurement
30% Savings

Our clients save on average 30% on all their projects while using Consulting Procurement as a Service. How much would this mean for your consulting budget ?

Higher Impact & Lower Risks

Working with the right consultants allows you to achieve a greater and faster impact.

Faster Sourcing

Our Consulting Procurement process has been optimized for speed and quality. We always meet the timelines we commit to.

Greater Satisfaction
Our collaborative process and the selection of the right consultants increase internal stakeholders’ satisfaction.
Better ROI
We measure with our clients their satisfaction and their ROI. With greater impact and higher savings, ROI follows.
Process Compliance
Our Consulting Procurement process aligns with your own processes to ensure adherence and compliance. Forget about scattered projects and long tail.

Want to check what could be the benefits for you ?

How We Help

Project Scoping

NDAs signature

Pitch Organization

Debriefing with non selected consultants

RFI / RFP Preparation

Consultants Briefing

Proposals Scoring

Project Follow-up

Consultants Identification

Q&A Management

Costs Analysis

Project Performance Assessment

Conpaas: Consulting Procurement

How We Do It

The key word is Collaboration, after that its very flexible


Decide what is the depth of our involvement

  • Perform all your Consulting Procurement activities OR  work a la carte on specific ones
  • Work as an advisor OR  as a full member of your team
  • Work remotely OR  on premises
  • Get involved OR  not in negotiations



Leverage our proprietary databases, tools, methods and systems


Usually dedicate a team of 2 Consulting specialists per account (sourcing expert and analyst)


Align with your internal processes and governance


Operate on a global basis to have the right proximity

Some Success Stories in Consulting Procurement

Our Approach

We believe in collaboration and complementarity. You bring your expertise in your business; we bring our expertise in consulting sourcing.

Your business is our priority, and we seamlessly integrate with your teams, taking into account your organization and culture.

We draw on our extensive knowledge of the category, the methodologies, and the tools we have developed over the years and team up with you to deliver outstanding results.

For businesses looking to use consulting to accelerate their strategy leveraging while containing costs Consulting Procurement as a Service is an ace in your sleeve.

Helene Laffitte

CEO, Consulting Quest

Why working With Us ?

Conpaas: Consulting Procurement

Category Depth

We know the category inside out and can find excellent consulting firms for any project anywhere on the globe.

Conpaas: Consulting Procurement

Global Footprint

With teams all over the globe we are able to operate anywhere our clients need us.

Conpaas: Consulting Procurement

Human to Human

We believe that humans still outperform platforms to grasp the subtleties of consulting.

Conpaas: Consulting Procurement

Custom Methodologies

We have developed proprietary methodologies and systems to address the specificities of consulting procurement

Conpaas: Consulting Procurement

Data Powered

We inform all our searches with data coming from our extensive profiling databank and performance metrics from former clients.

Conpaas: Consulting Procurement

Value Driven

Focusing on savings only can be deceiving, we aim for value creation as a combination of impact and savings.

Conpaas: Consulting Procurement


We act as a trusted 3rd party, allowing our clients to remain anonymous until late in the consulting procurement process.

Conpaas: Consulting Procurement

Specialized Staff

Our teams are mixing seasoned sourcing professionals and former consultants with decades of experience.

Latest Insights on Consulting Procurement

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference with a Marketplace ?

  • We should be considered as part of your team. We are human partners working with you to optimizing the scope, identify the characteristics of the ideal consulting firm for a given project.
  • We do not have a limited set of consulting firms to propose (the supply side in marketplace lingo). We have an open-sourcing philosophy. We will find the right consulting firms wherever they are.
  • With us, your contract is between you and the consultant only. We do not act as a middleman. With a marketplace, your contract and pay the marketplace. The marketplace will then release the funds to the consultants.
  • Marketplaces tend to have an effective model for the contingent workforce or small contracts as they rely on a network of independents and boutiques. We tend to be more suited for larger projects.
  • Well, as if this was not enough …. our services tend to be at least half the price. Now the call is yours.

Who is managing the contracts with the consultants ?

  • We are there to facilitate the consulting procurement process end to end. We provide methodology & advice. We take ownership of some actions as specified.
  • However, unless requested otherwise, the contractual relationship remains between the client and the consulting firm.
  • This clarifies who is answering to whom and the associated accountabilities and liabilities.

How long does it take to source consultants ?

  • Our consulting procurement processes are designed to optimize both speed and quality.
  • Our projects usually last between 2 and 4 weeks. However, we can usually meet any stretch target.
  • If you need something faster contact us and we will find a solution together.

What is the cost of your services ?

  • We tend to work on a value-sharing basis. As we generate on average 30% of savings, we charge a portion of this.
  • Depending on volumes, the amount can vary. But the prime logic is that even after our fees, you keep the lion’s share of the savings.
  • Connect with us to discuss how we would customize this to your specific case.

What consulting firms do you work with ?

  • We work with all kinds of consulting firms. Through Improveo, we have mapped 4000+ Consulting firms with over 19000+ offices in 216 Countries. We have classified their experience across 154 Capabilities and 150 Industries.
  • We have been working with all sizes and typologies of consulting firms on all kinds of assignments, from classic strategy projects for blue-chip companies to building business plans for the relocation of Native American tribes in Alaska.
  • Given the nature of our work, we tend to focus on consulting firms more than independents. But if your project is more suited to an independent consultant, we will find candidates as well.

Can you also work with our incumbent consultants ?

  • Your success is our priority. If your incumbents are among the best for your project, sure they should participate in the RFP.
  • We have an open-sourcing policy, this includes the consultants we know, those you know, and those we don’t know yet but will go after if we need to.
  • Sometimes we even recommend involving the incumbents as it also shows how much is saved with our methodologies.

If I use Improveo, do I really need Conpaas ?

  • Yes, or No, depending on your needs and appetite for doing things yourself.
  • Improveo will help you to find consulting firms. connect with them and invite them to projects
  • If you want more than this or if you want a professional search, Conpaas (Consulting Procurement as a Service) is the way to go.
  • Example of Conpaas activities not included in Improveo: Helping on RFPs, Contacting Firms in Full Confidentiality, Aligning internal stakeholders, Driving the RFP process, Checking references
  • If you want to do your Consulting Procurement yourself, you may want to take a look at our Consource digital solution to complement Improveo.

Can you help me to build a list of preferred providers ?

  • In short, Yes, we can. But you should know that Conpaas (Consulting Procurement as a Service) is more suited for sourcing projects and not managing the category.
  • If you want to build a panel, establish frame contracts, monitor the performance, drive improvements, align with the strategy and update the panel to accommodate future needs, we recommend that you check our consulting solution.
Do you have more questions? Contact us!

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