Get more from your Consulting Spend

Consulting Quest helps you maximize the value of your Consulting Spend
Our proprietary data-driven methodologies provide our Clients with the ability to disrupt the status quo in the Consulting Industry.

Spend Money on the Right Priorities


Create Relevant Competition among your Providers


Upskill your Consulting Procurement Team


Manage the Consulting Category

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Consulting Strategy

Align your Consulting spend with your strategic priorities and implement Make or Buy Strategies

Search & Advisory

Maximize the impact of your projects by sourcing the right consultants within your budget


Reduce the cost of your Consulting Spend and maximize the ROI using analytics and best practices

CQ Global Directory

Browse our global database of Consulting Firms for FREE


Train your Teams to raise awareness and manage Consulting as a Category


Screen the performance of your Consulting providers with our Saas Platform, and manage your pool of providers.
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The Consulting Insider

Everything CLIENTS always wanted to know about how to use and buy Consulting Services
(but were afraid to ask)

What our clients are saying

Maria, Marketing VP, Large Chemical Company

Your company offers a service which clearly fills a gap when a client is trying to locate consulting services. You made the search process easy, clear, and efficient so that we could concentrate on our project and daily work.


Ahmad, Project Manager, Governmental Investment Company

Thank you very much for your help and support in this project.


Patrick, EVP Purchasing, Large Manufacturing Company

Now I know why your logo is a Compass. You helped me navigate this project and find the right providers!


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