2017 Paris Digital Workshop-Summary

2017 Paris Digital Workshop-Summary

The coldness of the Parisian climate made for a remarkable backdrop for the second edition of Consulting Quest’s Parisian workshop 2017. The attendees of the event had the opportunity to discover or rediscover Serge Grudzinski who offered a very humorous introduction and a pragmatic approach to digital evolution and its vision of companies facing change.


Martin Schoessler – Causa Consulting:

The first speaker of the day who, with his experience, presented his vision of New Form Consulting in the age of the Platform Economy around the challenge: “We are going to focus on technology, but not on how this new technology will change the way we live and create value in our professions in more fundamental ways. ”

The underlying principle of the presentation was the culture of collaboration and how we utilise the latest technology to enhance cooperation.


Laurent Coulon – Theano Advisor:

A digital veteran, presented his vision of the revolution through 7 examples:

  • We are in a VUCA world,
  • Innovate or be Disruptive
  • Capture or Create Value
  • Transversality : Unleash your Potential
  • Bring People with you
  • Data is the New Gold
  • Map your Digital Innovation trip

Laurent’s presentation was complemented with inspired examples of how the digital age is changing the business landscape. For instance the potential disruptive example within the banking sector where large Tech companies such as Apple, Amazon & Google who have formidable capital and customer bases are exploiting these strengths to enter into the banking sectors.


The first E-CEO Alain Mathecowitsch:

Superbly motivated the audience with his passion, pragmatism and professionalism. Taking questions from the contributors in the room on his latest assignment as the first E-CEO  on how he inspired an established global company to embrace digitisation improving an already very successful business punctuated the morning session with great discussion.



After a well-deserved lunch, the showman :

Pierre-Edouard Couturier-Solvay:

Pierre-Edouard give the audience his vision of digitisation in chemical industry and its challenges. The presentation illustrated the challenges facing the chemical industry are similar to other industries. Pierre-Edouard clearly demonstrated how even though the industry is moving forward within the digitisation revolution it still has a long path to follow as the chemical is a mature industry with a rich historical culture but companies like Solvay are making good progress.


Ferhat Eryurt – Camelot:

Concluding the day, with a fabulous presentation on: Smart Contracts: The real digital revolution in Procurement.!

Ferhat presented why blockchain in procurement is a concept that is well worth businesses understanding the benefits of blockchain technology for their procurement departments. He was able to shed light on What is Blockchain? – How it works? This was completed with a group discussion around the use of Smart contracts and how they can be utilised in changing landscape we see today.


We would like to thank all the speakers and participants , we are already giving you an appointment to Paris next year at the same time for a third edition!

Consulting Quest Global Directory – New Search Features

Consulting Quest Global Directory – New Search Features

Consulting Quest Has Just Launched the Newest Version of our Global Directory, the World’s Largest Professionally-Managed Directory in the Consulting Industry.

After much anticipation we are very excited to announce the arrival of the latest version of our Consulting Quest Global Directory – the World’s Largest Active Database of Management Consulting Firms. For the past year, the directory has been served as a valuable tool for consulting clients and general users to search for consulting firms in their geographic region and providing general information on each consultancy.

We recently launched a latest version of the Directory where you can now directly search companies by capability and industry, in addition to name and region.

Both company headquarters and local offices are mapped, so users can easily find consulting firms in a specific area. All information in the Consulting Quest Global Directory is collated by hand and constantly updated. Consulting Firms can also claim their business and manage all information on their profile.

More About the New Global Directory

With more than 2,000 Consulting firms profiled, the Directory lists consultancies with more than 8,000 offices spread across 160 countries, with links to their websites and social media channels. It serves as both a great tool for consulting clients searching for consulting firms with a specific profile and also provides tremendous exposure for small to mid-sized consultancies looking to expand their own network. The use and inclusion in the Directory is free of charge without commitment to any membership.

In addition to the listing of Consulting Providers, the Directory also features various links from all over the globe covering topics such as: Consulting Blogs, Consulting Industry, Consulting Career, and Thought Leadership. The goal of Consulting Quest is to become the go-to-source for all your consulting needs whether it be general information, sourcing, performance assessment and improvement.

Check out the new directory now at directory.consultingquest.com. If you would like to be listed in the Directory or need to update your firm’s information, please e-mail us at directory@consultingquest.net.

About Consulting Quest

Consulting Quest is a global, performance-driven consulting platform founded in 2014 by former members of top 10 consulting firms with the objective of reinventing consultancy performance. With a worldwide presence and a range of proprietary performance measurement tools, we help companies navigate the consulting maze.

We work with Consulting Clients to increase their performance through consulting and Consulting Providers to help them acquire new clients and to improve their performance.

Where Should You Look for Your Next Consulting Job?

Where Should You Look for Your Next Consulting Job?

“We felt there were a lot of general recruitment platforms currently on the market”, says Helene Laffitte, CEO of Consulting Quest, “but none that served the Consulting Industry and its specific needs. This is a platform built for consultants by consultants using industry specific search terms to ensure candidates can find the opportunity that best fits their experience.”


Consulting Quest’s newest Platform, Jobsulting, is an online marketplace filled with opportunities for candidates specialized in the Management Consulting Industry to showcase and match their skills with job postings from consultancies and recruiters alike.


For more information, check out our full press release here: Jobsulting – Candidates


Are you looking for interesting consulting jobs? Create your free profile today at https://jobsulting.consultingquest.com/ and start your search for your next opportunity. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us via e-mail at jobsulting@consultingquest.net.


About Jobsulting

Jobsulting is the premier platform for recruitment in the Management Consulting Industry featuring unique access to the best talent as well as the best opportunities. Jobsulting provides recruiters and consulting firms alike a streamlined process and resource to locate the top talent in the Consulting Industry all in one place. The platform boasts the best candidates with varying levels of experience from newly grad to executive level.


2017 New York Digital Workshop Executive Summary

2017 New York Digital Workshop Executive Summary

Consulting Quest hosted its Second Annual New York Consulting Procurement conference, in the format of a Digital Workshop, at the AMA Conference Center on June 29th. Thank you to everyone who joined us.


This year’s event focused on the topic of Digital disruptions—how Digital is disrupting entire industries, transforming business operations and opening a vast real of possibilities. The event was insightful thanks to a combination of both speakers and attendees from companies like Verizon, Bloomberg, Solvay Group, Solvay Novecare, SpecialChem, Stratalis Consulting, Valeocon Consulting, Association of FinTech Professionals, Flevy and many more as well as our Advisory Board Member from Canada.


The workshop was broken into five sessions, each led by a guest speaker from a focused industry. Our speakers presented us with valuable insights into their expertise and experiences dealing with different facets of Digital innovation, spurring intense and insightful discussions among the attendees.


Innovation in the Digital Environment


As Digital flows command an increasingly growing share of trade and economic growth, business executives must understand what possibilities Digital is opening for organizations in different industries and the actions they need to take to adapt.

Various mega trends suggest that Digital is opening a vast realm of possibilities, with Tech Giants moving in the value chain. Laurent Thomas, VP Strategy at Solvay Novecare, explained that in the Chemical industry, digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, SaaS, Chat Bots, 3D printing, etc. are used to boost operational excellence, innovate business models and create the conditions required for digital transformation, leading to exponential changes.

Bijon Mehta, President at Association of FinTech Professionals, gave a fresh perspective on the innovation and digital transformation journey for financial institutions. He stated that the most recent wave of digital transformation started within the past 4 years, through the introduction of innovation labs, launch of new incubators & accelerators and the pursuant of a broad range of innovation activities including Design Studios, Corporate Venture Funds, University-based Programs, etc. and 2017 is a critical year in seeing how these initiatives progress.



Digital Transformation: A Challenging Path


However, there are many challenges in Digital transformation efforts, some of the most common ones include: difficulty in building an innovation culture and awareness; disconnection between the digital group with the rest of the organization; competing or misaligned internal efforts; under or over-budget and the lack of senior management support.

Therefore, a complete paradigm shift is needed to avoid these problems. Thomas Bertels, Partner at Valeocon Management Consulting, explained that organizations need to put in place an operating model with a rapid design and execution cycle and place emphasis on executive involvement.

Rajiv Gupta, an expert in procurement, suggested that the procurement function also needs to support enterprise digital transformation objectives. Procurement units need to change the mechanization of the old ways of doing business and orchestrate a procurement-as-a-service portfolio. They also need to understand the pros and cons of using a single technology provider vis-a-vis a suite of solutions.



Three Ways Digital Transforms Consulting


David Tang, CEO of Flevy, offered insights on how consulting firms are adapting their offerings to the Digital revolution. He explained that Digital is transforming the Consulting industry in three ways: i) Increasing Customer Touchpoints across channels, devices and platforms; ii) Rise of Robotic Process Automation and iii) Unbundling of traditional Consulting Service and the emergence of New Business Models such as Subject Matter Expertise, Analyst Work, Framework/Methodologies, as well as Data and Market Research reports.



Digital is Much More Than Technological Advancement


However, it is important to recognize that Digital is not just about technology, as George Hemingway, Partner at Stratalis Consulting, pointed out that Digital is about Value, Vision and Victory.  Digital itself is not enough to create value without the right vision and systems in place. To go from Digital to Intelligent, a human touch is needed.

To conclude, Digital Innovation is about Culture, Clarity, Consistency, Corporate Experience and Curious Market. Those in an innovation capacity need to play a role in shaping and influencing the culture and be prepared to play the long game.

Thanks everyone again for a fantastic event!

Please contact us at Info@consultingquest.com for more information about future events.



LAST CHANCE to register for our 2017 Digital Workshop in NYC on June 29th! Please e-mail Dominic.Prisco@consultingquest.com today if you would like to attend!

The event will feature the following speakers discussing Digital Transformation and its impact across multiple industries Laurent Thomas (VP Strategy at Solvay Novecare), David Tang (Founder at Flevy), Bijon Mehta (Founder at Association of FinTech Professionals), Thomas Bertels (Partner at Valeocon Management Consulting), George Hemingway (Partner & Innovation Practice Lead at Stratalis Group), and Rajiv Gupta (Procurement Advisor).

More information about the event can be found at https://events.consultingquest.com/event/nyc-cpc-2017/