NYC Consulting Procurement Conference 2017
06/29/17 – Save the Date!


CQ will host their 2nd Annual Consulting Procurement Conference in New York!  The focus will be on Emerging Trends and Digital’s Impact within the Consulting, Procurement, and Supply Chain Functions.

After a successful 2016 Conference in NYC featuring past and current executives from companies like L’OréalCitigroupPwCSolvay, Dow Chemicals, Pearson, and Green Silk Associates; CQ plans to take their conference to the next level this year. This closed-door meeting allows Procurement Executives to connect with their peers and experts of their domain to exchange about best practices, challenges, and solutions in the Consulting Industry.

Featured Topics

The 2017 NYC Conference will feature expert panel discussions and presentations on subjects such as Digital Innovation, Impact of Digital on Consulting Needs in the Financial Services Industry, Digital & Supply Chain, Impact of  Digital on Procurement, and How is Digital Transforming the Professional Services Sector.

In addition, there will be time allocated for networking among peers helping attendees maximize their exposure to establish strong connections within their field.

Our Goal

The main purpose is to bring key insights to the participants to help them maximize the value of their Consulting Spend. We will bring together experts in consulting and consulting procurement to connect with peers, learn more about consulting procurement, be part of an active community and exchange ideas and best practices on how to deliver remarkable consulting procurement services.

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About Consulting Quest

Consulting Quest is a global, performance-driven consulting platform founded in 2014 by former members of top 10 consulting firms with the objective of reinventing consultancy performance.
With a worldwide presence and a range of proprietary performance measurement tools, we help companies navigate the consulting maze.
We work with Consulting Clients to increase their performance through consulting and Consulting Providers to help them acquire new clients and to improve their performance.

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