“One of the most stressful situations is to start on a project with a subcontractor who you have just met on short notice. How will they perform? Could this damage your reputation with the client? Is this risk necessary? With Teambuilder, consulting firms have access to a global pool of highly skilled consultants they can trust when they need them.”

–Laurent Thomas,  Co-Founder at Consulting Quest

Consulting Quest’s newest Platform, Teambuilder, is an online marketplace filled with available, pre-qualified independent consultants ready to supplement medium to large consultancies to fill out their teams on a global scale.

For more information, check out our full press release here. (Teambuilder Press Release)

Have a project you need help with? Create your profile today on TeamBuilder and start your search for team members. 

About Teambuilder

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Teambuilder is the first global marketplace specialized in providing consultancies and independent consultants alike a shared location to communicate their project team needs and pair it with the right skills and expertise. The platform is designed to streamline the search process for bringing on consultants to strengthen your team and win more projects.

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