Consulting Quest is growing rapidly. We are pleased to welcome a new Advisory Board Member, Richard Kitney. He will bring his expertise and support to the Board Members in the strategic direction of CQ.


Richard is a leading Canadian CMC (Certified Management Consultant) with client experience on 5 continents, with 150 clients across 10 sectors, in executive coaching and implementing CEOs’ agendas for change by creating a deeply-aligned consensus in their executive teams and throughout their organizations.

Richard has used many performance improvement frameworks, to bring companies like Magna, Honeywell, Bell and Cimco, successfully through competitive performance challenges. He led assessments for compliance to international, continuous improvement standards as founding General Manager of one of Canada’s first Federally accredited ISO management systems certification bodies.

Most recently, as Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, at Paladion, Richard built capability to provide leading-edge cyber defense solutions to improve information security, privacy and fraud prevention. Prior to this, Richard spent over a dozen years with Deloitte Canada’s founding risk management solutions team, including time as client Aviva Canada’s Vice President, Business Protection and CISO.

According to Richard, “After consulting in various disciplines internationally over three decades my attention is focused on consulting effectiveness and growth. Consulting Quest provides the perfect platform for working with both consultants who want to improve their performance and with Fortune 2000 buyers who want access to the best, most effective consulting support they can get. Canadian buyers of consulting services are all looking for the right fit and for greater value and CQ can help them in this quest.”

If you are interested in speaking with Richard, please contact him at


About Consulting Quest

Consulting Quest is a global, performance-driven consulting platform founded in 2014 by former members of top 10 consulting firms with the objective of reinventing consultancy performance.
With a worldwide presence and a range of proprietary performance measurement tools, we help companies navigate the consulting maze.
We work with Consulting Clients to increase their performance through consulting and Consulting Providers to help them acquire new clients and to improve their performance.

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