10 Hottest Productivity Apps

10 Hottest Productivity Apps

We all love apps that can help us be more organized, productive and enjoy some extra free time. But from the hundreds and thousands of free and paid apps that hit the market every month, it’s hard to choose sometimes.

Whether you prefer a simple or more complicated app, here is our List of the best apps that you should give a try.

#1 – Timetracker

Time is our most valuable asset and a lot of it, we spend online. With this app, when you login on any website, you will know how much time you’ve spend.

#2 – Momentum

There is power and momentum buildup when you focus all your attention on one single task. This app takes care of that by asking you what your main focus is. And every time you open up a new tab, the app reminds you to stay on track. It replaces the browser tab that is there by default, and forces you to focus.

#3 – Google Keep

Available and accessible on your phone or your laptop with your Google account. It’s a great way to store notes or voice memos. What’s also great about it is that your files are stored online so if you lose your phone or computer, files are safe. It’s accessible anywhere with Internet access. The fun part is you can color the notes, share them, and get them organized nicely.

#4 – 2 Harvest

Another great app centered on how you spend your time. You can set a timer for each activity you do and label what you are doing. At the end of the day, you can see how long you spend on each activity and adjust as necessary. The app can sync with other productivity apps like Asana.

#5 – Forest

A fancy way to make you stay focused and productive. When you start the timer, you will see a tree growing from a seed. Your goal is to focus on one task for 25 minutes until the tree is fully grown. It’s customizable so that you can change the 25 minutes to whatever you want.

#6 – Ad Blocker Plus

As the name suggests, this free extension blocks all the pesky ads online and in video. Very handy to many people who dislike ads.

#7 – Pomodoro Timer

Really neat and simple tool! A very well-known productivity techniques is the Pomodoro, is about focusing on one task for 25 minutes and then take a forced 5-minute break. The breaks are customizable.

#8 – Buffer

Social media automation tools can be time-consuming and cost a lot too. But one exception is Buffer, simple and easy to use. You can schedule out a queue of posts and randomize the order of posting.

#9 – Pocket

For those who love reading articles, like this one, but never have the time to read all of them, Pocket can help a lot. It’s known as the app to brain dump the articles you want to read later and have them read out loud by to you a computer if you are that busy.

#10 – Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

All work and no break can be too much sometimes. This website is super simple, and helps you destress for a while. You can listen to free music of real waves. You can just relax and do absolutely nothing for two minutes. Then get back to whatever you were doing.


What did you think of this article? Are there any productivity apps that you are currently using that aren’t listed above? Please drop a line in the comments section below to add to the discussion.

We are hiring!!

We are hiring!!

We are very excited to post this new job position for the US Office! 

Business Development and Marketing Manager

We are looking for an entrepreneurial Business Development and Marketing Manager to hunt new business for our start-up. At Consulting Quest, we rely on our Business Developers to drive our growth, so we’re looking for a true hunter who isn’t afraid to make the calls and the face-to-face visits necessary to close new business. If you are self motivated, with an appetite for sales and marketing in blue ocean environment, join us for a unique experience in a booming start-up with an international dimension.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Develop Sales Strategy
  • Connect with prospective customers through calls, emails and face-to-face meetings
  • Develop monthly sales projections and prospecting targets
  • Analyze prospective customers’ needs and meet those needs via proposals, negotiations and business contracts
  • Research and collect pertinent data to prepare prospection to deploy new products
  • Be proactive, share feedback and ideas
  • Perform any other task not listed above since we are in a start-up (marketing, e-strategy, recruiting, operations, …)


Requirements and Qualifications:

  • Eager to sell in a B2B environment
  • Process-minded with strong communication skills
  • Outgoing, engaging, sales-motivated personality
  • Any experience in the Consulting Industry is a plus
  • Proficiency with MS Office and internet/email
  • Self motivation and excellent time management
  • Any foreign language is a plus
  • Able to endure lame jokes


If you are interested, apply by email to: advisor@consultingquest.com (Resume + Cover Letter with Business Development and Marketing Manager in the subject line).

Paris Office

Paris Office

Paris is always a good idea…


Consulting Quest is growing! We are delighted to announce that Consulting Quest has expanded to open a new office in Paris, France. The new office is located 66, avenue des Champs Elysées, Paris 8ème.

It will be our pleasure to serve you in this new location with the same quality and service you have come to expect from us.

The Consulting Quest Team




Consulting Quest Premiere


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This blog aims at sharing with practical posts such as tips, recommendations for articles, books, events …, as well as some more detailed articles based on or experience in Consulting, Procurement and Management in general.

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