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Welcome to the Consulting Quest Blog.

As perspective, insight, and quarterly were already taken for consulting-related publications, we decided to go for a blog to share our thoughts on the Consulting Industry.

At Consulting Quest, we have the pretention to bring some valuable expertise to Executives purchasing Consulting Services and to Leaders of Consulting Firms.

This blog aims at sharing with practical posts such as tips, recommendations for articles, books, events …, as well as some more detailed articles based on or experience in Consulting, Procurement and Management in general.

Please do not hesitate to react in the blog or to contact us to push further the discussion.

The Consulting Quest Team


Author: Helene Laffitte

Civil Engineer by training (Ecole des Ponts et Chaussees), our CEO has held several Executive positions in Operations, R&D, and Procurement and Industrial Strategy for one of the biggest Energy Companies in the world. She left Europe for the US in 2011, and, after completing an MBA at Columbia Business School, launched her 1st consulting practice. After exchanging with peers and customers, she launched Consulting Quest, a global performance-driven consulting service platform. “The idea, at first, was to provide disruptive solutions for both clients and providers. I combined the experiences of my co-founder and mine to start Consulting Quest, a disruptive start-up that leverages big data to improve the performance for both clients and consultants.”