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How can I evaluate if a consultant is good for me?

This is the great unknown in the consulting industry right now. There are thousands of small consultancies with great expertise, but it is difficult to know if they are a good fit for you. At Consulting Quest, we profile consulting firms and evaluate their performance on different dimensions such as commercial approach, quality of delivery, and posture to precisely match them with the right client.

Should I hire a generalist or a specialist?

This is the type of tricky question that we can help you with. Our answer? It depends. We will need to know more about the project, the context of your company as well as your objectives.
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I am not sure how to leverage Consulting to boost the performance of my company.

You can browse our Consulting Playbooka collection of posts designed to offer insights into how businesses and their executives can utilize consulting as a strategic lever to boost performance. Each Consulting Playbook post is broken down into a few elements: Case Study, Additional Information regarding the technical application, and Additional Links related to the topic.

How do I evaluate the proposal of a consultant?

As part of our Search & Advisory Services, we help our clients evaluate and compare proposals from Consulting Providers. Here are some of our secrets.

It is better to work with familiar consultants?

Yes and no. It all depends on the context of your project, the skills required, your relationship with your existing Consulting Providers, … Whether you have existing Consulting Providers, or you are starting from scratch, you should key questions and considerations to keep in mind.

What is the secret recipe to write a great RFP?

The RFP is an important part of the procurement process. It has to be carefully worded in order to get the best proposals and providers. You need to present the context and the objectives of your project, as well as the criteria and the process for the selection. But beyond the nuts and bolts, you should consider these 

Consulting Providers

How can you help me to improve my Commercial and Delivery Performance?

What differentiates the big guys from smaller firms is not the skills, experience or the seniority. In addition to frontline expertise, they have a back office that gives them a commercial edge. Consulting Quest can help you share services with other consulting firms.

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Why should I measure my performance?

You can use an objective evaluation to build your reputation, enhance your credibility, strengthen your relationship with existing clients, and enlarge your portfolio. In a nutshell, evaluating your performance will allow you to guarantee a certain level of performance, build loyalty, and improve your success rate.

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What is the right size for my team?

Consulting firms are vulnerable to the fluctuations of the business cycle. Therefore, sizing your workforce is key element of your success. Here are a few ideas to find your answer to that tricky question.

What are your tips to write great proposals?

You already know what is the value of a proposal. You know that it is important to make a good impression on your client, and convince them that you are the best choice fro that project.
Here are a few tips to write a compelling proposal.