Membership is the first step towards a full set of opportunities to improve results and performance.

We know that the main challenges for consultants are developing the brand and reaching clients beyond the existing network. We aim to connect consulting clients and consulting firms.

We have developed a 4-step qualification process to profile interested consulting firms (capabilities, industries, targets), as well as to map their skills, expertise, and level of performance.


Speed Dial

We have you on speed dial in case of opportunities: consultants in the network always have a head start, especially when we are working on a short timeline.


Commercial Kit

We know the market; you know your strengths. To showcase your services, we help you to fine tune your commercial kit.


Services Platform

You have access to our consulting services platform. Either directly or through our selected partners, we have the toolbox to help you improve your performance.


Voice of Customer

We perform a complimentary Voice of the Customer for the qualification. The Performance Assessment is the cornerstone of our Value Proposition. The quality of the providers is the credibility of our brand.


Shared Value

Whether you refer projects or clients to us, or we refer projects or clients to you, when we create opportunities together, we share value.