We help you to scope your Consulting needs and to identify & select the right consultants at a reasonable cost.

Even though the overall process looks the same, purchasing Consulting Services is very different from purchasing goods.

The right consultant for a given project is not necessarily qualified for the next one.

We have built the world’s largest database of pre-vetted consultants, and we understand that you need the perfect fit in terms of skillset, value proposition, style, culture, and geography.

We also know the key success factors for a consulting assignment, and we can support you all along the procurement process from scoping the needs to preparing the post-assignment feedback for the providers.

Analysis of needs

We define with you the key elements of the project: Project Scoping, Selection Process, Criteria of Choice, Phasing, and Profile of Ideal Consultants.


We identify, profile, and qualify the potential candidates based on your needs, references, and past performance.

Process Support

We help you go through the purchasing process from RFP creation and briefing preparation to proposal analysis.


Mid-point & Post-assignment
We check on a regular basis if the project is on track according to all parties, help to make adjustments as necessary, and measure performance at the end to improve for next time.