Q:- How do I maximize value and minimize cost?

Ans:- We work with you to identify the right expertise for a reasonable cost. (See Search & Advisory, Consulting Strategy, Category Management)

Q:- How do I determine the correct scope for this project?

Ans:- We work with you to identify all potential solutions to your challenges and deciphering which capability and type of consultant will make the most sense for you. (See Search & Advisory)

Q:- How do I find the consultant with the right expertise?

Ans:- We have a Powerful Database of Qualified Consultants. (See Search & Advisory)

Q:- Am I getting the ROI from my consultants I need?

Ans:- We help you identify through a Performance Assessment how each Consultant performed on an individual basis as well as enhance the quality of your procurement process resulting in a better ROI. (See Category Management)

Q:- Do I have the right process and team in place to manage my consulting spend?

Ans:- We provide you with a buyer’s toolbox helping you perform a comprehensive mapping of your consulting expenses as well as creating an internal benchmark for your providers vs. peers. (See Consulting Strategy, Category Management)

Q:- How do I ensure the right fit for our team?

Ans:- We qualify the consultants in our network to understand in depth their strengths, expertise, and overall performance through our Voice of the Customer surveys. (See Search & Advisory)

Q:- Does my RFP clearly define what I need?

Ans:- We help you write your RFP to ensure you are communicating exactly what you need from your consultant. (See Search & Advisory)

Q:- How should I evaluate the consultant’s performance?

Ans:- We use a proven Performance Assessment Methodology to evaluate the Consultant’s performance. (See Category Management)