We help you professionalize your Consulting Procurement and implement a performance management system.

The consulting spend can represent millions of dollars for companies, and if not properly managed (or managed at all), you’ll miss out on the strategic opportunities this could provide.

We understand that there are many moving parts to effectively managing your consulting spend, and we have the expertise to help you.

Performance Scanner

We analyze your consulting spend, evaluate the performance of your providers, and identify areas for improvement.

Consulting Toolbox

We have developed a set of tools and templates that help you to rapidly – and cost effectively – advance your procurement process performance for the consulting category.

Purchasing as Business Partner

We help you build a strong Procurement capability equipped as a true business partner to support and challenge the operational teams when using Consulting.

Dynamic Management of the Panel

We help you implement a dynamic management of the consulting panel based on systematic performance reviews and consulting strategy (demand).

Creative Pricing Strategies

We advise you to build sophisticated fee structures (enabling flexibility and incentives).

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