After careful consideration, you’ve decided to hire a team of consultants to assist you with a business challenge. Now what?
You often buy products and services related to your business, but how often do you buy specific consulting services? Unless you’re an expert in the field, how do you know whom to call? How do you assess the quality, value, and reliability of competing providers?

Online retailers provide ease of acquisition, reliability, accountability, and savings through a seamless and reliable shopping experience that does not vary with the individual products or merchants – and which offers ratings of performance – so you can shop with confidence. We believe the same should apply to the market for consulting services. From access to ratings to finding the right consultants for your business’ needs, you should have a seamless, reliable experience that you can be sure will create value for your business.

What Makes Us Unique?

Global Reach Local Management

Our global presence combined with our decentralized execution model guarantees proximity and understanding of local needs.

Consulting and Purchasing Experts

We’ve developed a set of tools and templates that help you to rapidly – and cost effectively – advance your procurement process performance for the consulting category.

Performance & Impact Driven Advisors

We strive to help our clients get the most out of Consulting.

Platform specialized on Consulting

We offer tailored solutions and access to premium services to boost your Consulting Performance.

Largest Worldwide Database of Consultants

We’ve built the richest database of pre-qualified consultants in the world, enabling our clients to find their match and benchmark themselves against the best performers in their industries.

Proprietary Methodology

We’ve developed a unique methodology to measure and improve Consulting Performance.


Bringing our consulting expertise to help you get the best value. Advising consultants how to better tailor solutions to your needs and improve your performance.


Helping companies and organizations navigate the maze of consulting to find the perfect match or member.


Measuring consulting performance and providing feedback to spur continuous improvement.


Headquartered in New York City, Consulting Quest was founded in 2014 to reinvent consultancy performance. Thanks to a global footprint and proprietary methodologies, Consulting Quest helps companies to navigate the maze of consulting. We work with consulting clients to strategize consultant spending, source consultants and manage consultant performance. To guarantee quality and reliability to our clients, the company also provides a full range of solutions for consulting firms to develop their growth strategy, identify potential partners, and improve their performance. We provide solutions and consultants worldwide with offices in the US, UK, France and Singapore and new ones opening in 2016: Canada, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.