Co-Founder / CEO

“The idea, at first, was to provide disruptive solutions for both clients and providers in a way not currently available in the Consulting space. I combined my own experiences along with my co-founders’ to shape the concept of Consulting Quest, a disruptive start-up that leverages big data to improve the performance for both clients and consultants.” The goal is to change the game for consulting and procurement altogether by providing key insights for efficiency and expertise like it never has been offered before. Helene’s background in Engineering, Procurement, and Industrial Strategy has contributed to an extremely athletic business model set to change the way consulting is procured.

Laurent THOMAS

Co-founder / Senior Advisor, Consulting

“Having moved from Consulting Partner to Consulting Client I once suggested to fellow entrepreneurs the idea of Consulting Quest. A firm that would offer to consultants the services I would have loved to get as a consultant (Independent Voice of Customer, Benchmark, Qualified Subcontractors) and to clients the services I would like to receive now that I am on the other side (finding reliable and specialized consultants as a competitive alternative to the usual suspects). Since then the idea took shape and what was once a disruptive idea has become a global firm.”
Laurent Thomas serves as Vice-President Strategy at Solvay. He was Partner at Oliver Wyman.


Senior Advisor, Finance

Professor Amiram’s research focuses on the effects of frictions created by Information Asymmetry, Taxation, and Business Law on Debt and Equity Markets around the world. He has conducted research in the areas of Debt Contracting, International Accounting, International Taxation, Foreign Investments, Accounting Regulation, Accounting Fraud and Financial Distress. Professor Amiram has received awards for both research and teaching and is frequently asked by corporations, financial institutions and the media (including Wall Street Journal and Forbes) to advise as an expert on various issues. Professor Amiram has vast experience in the corporate world.

Jean-Pierre BENQUE

Senior Advisory, Energy

Jean-Pierre Benqué has been a Special Adviser to the Chief Executive Officer at Gravitation since 2012. He served as Head of Renewable Energy Development and Director of the Overseas divisions at EDF Energy Plc and was responsible for the EDF Group activities in North America. He worked as Deputy Managing Director of EDF, in charge of the development of EDF in the United States.


Senior Advisor, Utilities & Services

The career of Francis Angotti spans across both Industry (17 years) as well as the Services sectors (18 years), all within large international companies, including within a significant family-owned listed company, and also as an entrepreneur.
He served as CEO of business units comprising several hundred million dollars’ turnover, with strong international exposure. His areas of expertise include the high-stakes negotiation of trade agreements, the steering of important development projects and the management of turnaround, reorganization and business transformations. He worked in the Energy, Environment, Infrastructures and Transportation sectors. He left Veolia Environment at the end of 2015 with the objective to focus on Non-Executive Directorships.

Jean-François MAYER

Senior Advisor, Chemicals & Materials

Jean-François Mayer served 35 years in the Chemical Industry in various Executive positions both in business and functional roles for multinational companies. He completed a major turnaround as Procurement VP on $3.5 Billion raw material and indirect spend. He is an expert in Business Development especially in Emerging Countries and Commercial Performance Optimization.
Currently, he is serving as a Senior Adviser for Chemical companies and Private Equity Funds and Board Member of several start ups in the Chemical, Automotive and Food areas.